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Building Material Connection

Rm 401, No. 47 Weiguo Road
Foshan, 528000

Tel: 8613822261380
Fax: 8675533902297

Contact: Peggy Zhu
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Distributor/Wholesaler, Agent/Broker, Service Provider, Exporter/Importer
Harmonized System Codes: 6810 6901

Business Message

Building Materials Connection, is a consultancy and brokerage firm dedicated to the development of supply networks for the sourcing of building materials from China.

Located in the manufacturing heart of China, Guangzhou Building Materials Connection has vast experience in and specific focus on solid surface materials. In recent years, Building Materials Connection has widened its activities to include other materials required by our clients for commercial and residential interiors. Acting more as a buyer’s local representative, our aim is to provide a seamless service, form identification of suitable products to shipment of your order.

Many have heard the war stories that emanate from overseas customers dealings with foreign factories. Tiles recounting the trials, tribulations and pure frustration of doing business with China. To limit and overcome such experiences for our clients, Building Materials Connection provide the following services:

• identification and or introduction of pre-vetted suppliers of goods desired by our clients;

• On-going liaison and negotiation between the client and suppliers;

• Provision of translation services between clients and suppliers;

• Assisting the client to establish a quality standard with suppliers;

• Monitoring quality standards;

• Overseeing the export process of orders.

The principals of Building Materials Connection have experienced the sourcing of products from both perspectives, one as an Export Director for a Chinese factory, whilst the other as a Director of Corporate Development for a foreign company sourcing products from China. This duality of prospective affords Building Materials Connection hands on insight as to what is required by clients, and what is required by suppliers.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your specific requirements and ways in which Building Materials Connections may be able to assist to increase your competitive advantage when sourcing products


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